At HI-TECH COMPETENT BUILDERS (P) LTD., project management focuses on providing an approval process that is submitted in a timely manner, keeping contracts current, and providing accountability to the owner. In addition, scheduling is handled in order to maintain on-time performance, bringing added value to the project and acting as project solvers, as required. This is accomplished by understanding all of the owners’ processes.

Technology Utilized

HI-TECH COMPETENT BUILDERS (P) LTD. is proficient in the use of high-level computer-based and paperless communications technology.


Our project managers, superintendents, field engineers and key craft personnel move from project to project. They direct the activities of our highly mobile workforce, ensuring that our many clients receive the high quality service they come to expect from HI-TECH COMPETENT BUILDERS (P) LTD.

Our equipment managers use sophisticated computerized systems to track the location, status and maintenance history of each major piece of equipment. We maintain fully equipped repair shops at each of our regional facilities as well as onsite facilities at large projects and remote sites. Our excellent maintenance program provides one of the highest equipment utilization rates in the industry.

The HI-TECH COMPETENT BUILDERS (P) LTD. comprehensive safety and health program is designed to increase the safety and health awareness of each employee, thereby providing a safer work environment.



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